Mysteries of the cave of Mount Rodna

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Located in southwest Rodna on the left side Tausoarelor Spring Valley, at an altitude of about 1000 m, Cave Tausoarelor fascinating tourist who manages not only to obtain approval for his visit, but even the cavers, people who have seen many such underground roads cross the mountains. A variety of galleries and underground rivers that appear four more times and lost in the rock, come to beautify the place, giving it a mysterious air.

Discovered in 1955 by Leon Bart teacher in Parva, cave now suscinta speleologists interest not just from scientists but also of the fresh field of occult and paranormal events. That’s because in the area, along the time events occurred which could not be explained by human logic. The first unusual discovery was made in 1967 by Marin Takei, a retired teacher caving enthusiast.

He noted in what will be called Bear Hall three niches cavern about 15 cm in diameter, arranged as a triangle with the base up and having a distance of about a meter and a half between peaks. If the first two niches had a depth of about 30-35 cm, ending suddenly, the third, top, seemed much longer.

„My father took the story as that used baton and put him on the niche, but she gave no end. He was convinced that beyond the wall that one can find something. ”

However, Mr Takei said nothing about finding niches that three more, he closed with stones and limestone cave.

„She was afraid to see others and not to dig there to destroy the cave. Because he was convinced that the other side is reached by a gallery, which looked a few years. ”

Eventually he found a small gallery underground passage. Mr Takei seeing the cave is not known. He would not even tell them his children.

„We just said that the caves in the mountains hide the true civilization. He seemed fascinated by what he had seen right there. At one point could no longer resist and wrote a book he published it again by 1978. Just as stories were written as fiction. He said that he wants to know what the communists there, it would destroy everything. He left behind a manuscript that we need to publish us over many years, when the Romans were able to understand some things. ”

But the manuscript was destroyed in a fire that destroyed the house a few weeks after Mr Takei died without anyone to be learned the secret cave.

Primitive sanctuary or happenings?

What amazed him was the discovery of the first caving bear skeletons of two species: Ursus arctos and Ursus spealeus. The two species appear to have lived together in those galleries, which contravenes all knowledge about these two species.

In addition, the bones were placed in a strange, circular, north north west and south of Ursus arctos was occupied north and the north east and south spealeus Ursus. How is unlikely that the bears to be killed accidentally in those positions, they were supposed to put someone in a particular purpose. Archaeologists say it may be a primitive man worshiped the cult of the bear.

But this hypothesis seems shaky even before the existence of two species placed alternately. Almost immediately after her discovery of the cave was closed circuit public; I could visit it only with permission of the custodian or others willing to guide tourists visiting the place. Some say that in this way tried to hide certain galleries and theaters that had not seen or made known to the public, visitors had to be away from certain places in the cave, in terms of guidance.

Taus balls

Another bizarre discovery is „Taus balls,” which nobody can say exactly how they formed. Beads are found embedded in limestone wall and floor of the cave party who borrowed his name, Bowls Hall.

Some of those who visited the scene said that sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear the murmurs that seem to come from inside the ball. L.T., caver, said:

„When I first heard murmurs were with two other colleagues. I thought they were talking, and they thought that I speak. Then I thought that’s beyond the wall that someone can hear the echo. But, sticking my ear to more balls, we found that the murmurs are different, not belonging to the same person. Like every ball that would be a transistor and would send different radio stations. I never could figure out anything specific in those murmurs, but surely they were human, that is heard and men and women and even children’s voices. But not always hear the noises. In 21 visits I’ve made there over the years, sometimes several times a year, I heard only five or six times. ”

Some, the more reluctant to Mr. LT, says murmurs, are in fact noise caused by underground rivers that give the impression of there and dialogues. But because the case falls would hear noises constantly, not only from time to time.

„I am tempted forces beyond human comprehension”

Mr GS Timisoara witnessed an event that even now he can not explain. In an August evening of 1987, he slipped actually Bowls Hall. Hear murmurs from there and was convinced that only the night can be heard. It was prepared with a mini-cassette recorder to record any noise Sharp.

„I was wrapped in a blanket and waited in the dark. And at some point we have heard. I turned on the tape. ”

Murmurs multiplied and grew in intensity, covering the whole hall. Bold was in panic and … fainted. When he awoke it was morning and was in front of the cave.

„But the awkwardness that comes from there but I was not in my cave in the Ialomita, Bucegi. When I saw the monk who had a cell in the cave mouth, he was astonished. Do not understand what’s wrong with me wrapped in blankets and lying in front of the cave. I tried to tell him and began to laugh. But I laughed as I would not have believed it, but for him it seemed normal. Then she told me Father Theophilus – so we call upon God to forgive him – about the voices in caves and the fact that I, in my arrogance I tempted forces beyond human comprehension. ”

The tape has not given, even if he returned next day to Taus. Maybe it took a tourist cave glad I gave a gift. Or maybe it was lost on the road between Bucegi Rodna. Mr. G.S. is convinced that those balls are actually a teleportation device.

„Otherwise I can not explain how I came in a flash from a distance so great. Time will give me justice.

However, even then he tried the experiment several times, never heard any murmurs from the audience and did not wake up to who knows where. Many are caves that cavers – and not only them – try them out of the tourist circuit. They say that to protect those priceless treasures. And I agree that many tourists do not have respect for those fantastic natural treasures hidden in the cave depths. However, sometimes exceeding a certain limit protection and goes to hide some findings that should be known by everyone. Because not once, there underground, there is past history and future of our spiritual roots.


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