Vand Miditech i2-Control 37 Black Edition

Posted: 29 septembrie 2016 in Bazar
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i2-Control 37 black edition – in cutia originala

The i2-Control 37 black edition is the big brother of the i2-Control 25 black. With additional keys, in total 37, and 9 faders it gives you more functionality. Full USB powered and class compliant, works the i2-Control 37 with each Windows and Mac OSX, which supports class compliant devices.
With an optional power adaptor the i2-Control 37 black works perfect with each MIDI device.

37 High Quality dynamic keys
Pitch Bend and Modulation wheel
8 Controller / V-Pots
9 Fader/ Slider
Data Entry Slider
3-segment blue LED Display
Function-keys for Octave +/-
Easy controller-programming
Input Jack for sustain-pedal
Colour: black
USB buspowered, works with Apples iPad with camera connection kit without additional power adaptor
Dimensions: 59 cm x 24 cm x 8,5 cm
incl.: USB-cable
Class compliant: Works driverless with Mac OS/X, Apple iOS , Ms Windows

Pretul este de 450 Ron si nu este negociabil.

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